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ClubWPT Leaves Florida After Ban on Internet Sweepstakes Cafes

ClubWPT is one of the most popular subscription based poker clubs in Florida. Officials from ClubWPT recently announced that they will be leaving Florida after a new ban on Internet sweepstakes cafes was passed last Wednesday. The ban did not specifically address online poker, but it did classify any electronic device used for gambling as an electronic slot machine. Many experts feel that this means that online poker sites would fall under that definition.


ClubWPT has decided not to take the chance by offering their services in Florida. Florida is now the 16th state in the country that ClubWPT does not offer its services to.


The law was written to target internet sweepstakes cafes that were built for the sole purpose of providing online gaming to players throughout the state. The authors of the bill said that they didn’t intend to target other businesses, but many experts said that other businesses would inevitably suffer as a result. ClubWPT was the first business other than the cafes to be forced to close operations in the Sunshine State.

ClubWPT sent an email to all members in Florida on Friday advising them that they would no longer be providing services to them. They email stated that they would refund all subscriptions payments that were already made.


A few pieces of the email were shared on Holdem Poker Radio and Cardschat websites. The emails stated that ClubWPT regretted the decision but wanted to make sure they complied with the new law.


ClubWPT may return to Florida if an online gaming law is passed which supersedes the current ban on electronic gaming devices. However, experts are more pessimistic that lawmakers will be able to pass a bill to legalize online gaming after the ban was set in place last week. Article source: